Family Place Receives Big Donation from Microtel Weyburn through The Common Ground Program

Microtel Inn and Suites in Weyburn presented a cheque for $7,500 to The Family Place Wednesday morning. The presentation was done outside of the Family Place’s building on 4th Street.

Nilesh Jejurkar is the manager of the Weyburn Microtel Inn and Suites. He explained the visitors to the hotel are the ones who made the donation possible.

“Common Ground collects a financial contribution through a guest’s stay with an optional room charge of two dollars per night,” Jejurkar explained. Common Ground, administered by the parent company of Microtel – Masterbuilt Hotels – supports organizations throughout Canada.

“Donation recipients are chosen by the hotel team based on what they feel supports the community,” Jejurkar added.

For The Family Place, the donation came at a great time, according to executive director Dawn Gutzke.

“$7,500 is quite a large amount at this time, and we’re really thankful because some of our grants have fallen through due to the pandemic and so this is really, really important to us and we appreciate it so much,” explained Gutzke.

The money will go towards the summer programming put on by The Family Place.


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