Envision Counseling Receives Donation From Microtel

This morning Envision Counseling were the Recipients of a $5000.00 check from Microtel hotel. Lynda Rideout, Assistant Executive Director of Envision Counseling, ” We offer counseling and support throughout the southeast Saskatchewan. We are here today to graciously accept the donation for out services to help us out with programming, as far as educational programming that we offer and for our counseling programs.”

Lorna Knoll, Regional General Manager of Microtel hotel explained how the money was achieved, “We collect funds internally from out clients as well as we do little fundraisers within the property. We are going to be starting to wear jeans and our common ground t-shirts every Friday and the staff can donate money, and then we pool it all together and that’s how we collect it from the hotel level.”

She adds the reason she chose Envision Counseling, “I looked around the community and felt that Envision Counseling really suited our values and the hotel level. We wanted to give back to a company or a charity that’s actually going to help these individuals.”


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